Why does my cat lick my blanket and purr? Cats commonly engage in various behaviors, some of which can perplex their human companions. One such behavior that might leave cat owners scratching their heads is when a cat licks a blanket or other fabric and purrs.

While it may seem odd, several potential reasons exist behind this behavior. In this article, we’ll explore why your cat might be licking your blanket and purring and what these actions signify in the feline world.

Comfort and Contentment

One of the most common reasons your cat may lick your blanket and purr is to express comfort and contentment. Cats normally purr when relaxed and happy, and licking soft fabric like a blanket can enhance their coziness. It’s akin to a human curling up with a soft, warm blanket to feel snug and secure.

Grooming Instinct

Cats typically extend their grooming behaviors to objects or surfaces they find comforting. When your cat licks your blanket, they might treat it like a giant, soft, and cuddly piece of fur. This instinctual grooming behavior can extend to their purring, which signifies contentment during the act.

Marking Territory

They also have scent glands in their cheeks and tongues. Cats leave their smell behind when they lick objects to mark their territory.

By licking your blanket, your cat could claim it as their own or signal that this soft, comfortable spot belongs to them. This behavior may also be a way of asserting their presence in an area where they feel secure.


Licking and purring can be self-soothing behaviors for cats. Much like how humans might engage in self-soothing actions when feeling anxious or stressed, cats may resort to licking and purring when they need to calm themselves down.

If your cat is going through a period of anxiety or stress, they may seek comfort in your blanket and the soothing rhythm of their purring.

Nurturing Instinct

Kittens knead and suckle on their mother’s fur for comfort and nourishment. Adult cats may retain some of these nurturing instincts and behaviors. Licking and purring while interacting with soft fabric like a blanket could be a way for your cat to fulfill those nurturing desires.

Associating the Scent with You

Your scent is all over your blanket, and your cat associates your scent with you and the comfort of your presence. When they lick the blanket and purr, it might be a way for them to feel closer to you, especially if you’ve spent much time wrapped in or using it.

Behavioral Quirks

Like humans have unique habits and preferences, cats can develop their quirks and behaviors. Some cats simply find the sensation of licking soft fabric enjoyable and may do it for no other reason than personal preference.

Dental Health

Sometimes, cats lick soft fabric to clean their teeth or massage their gums. The texture of the fabric can help remove debris or plaque from their teeth, providing them with some oral care benefits.

Conclusion: Why does my cat lick my blanket and purr

While your cat licking your blanket and purring might seem unusual, it’s typically a harmless and natural behavior. It can signify comfort, contentment, and a strong bond with you and your belongings.

Suppose your cat’s behavior is causing concern, such as excessive blanket licking or changes in their overall demeanor. In that case, it’s always a good idea to consult a vet to rule out any health issues which isn’t detected or stressors. Otherwise, consider it one of the charming quirks that make your feline friend unique and endearing.