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WhiskerLift: Raised Cat Food Bowls

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🐾 Introducing Our Purr-fect Innovation: Non-Slip Raised Cat Food Bowls With Stand! 🐾

Are you a devoted cat parent on the quest for the ultimate dining experience for your feline friend? Look no further! Our Non-Slip Raised Cat Food Bowls with Stand are not just bowls; they’re a culinary revolution for your beloved furball. Crafted with precision and designed with your cat’s health and happiness in mind, these bowls elevate mealtime to a new level of feline sophistication.

✨ Ergonomic Elegance for Whisker Relief

Say goodbye to whisker stress! Our tilted cat bowls are thoughtfully designed to cater to your cat’s anatomical needs. The elevated angle ensures that your cat’s whiskers won’t touch the sides of the bowl, preventing discomfort during meals. Let your feline dine with unparalleled comfort and joy!

✨ Non-Slip Nirvana

Is your cat a bit of a gourmand who can’t resist pushing their bowl around? Our Non-Slip Raised Cat Food Bowls come with a sturdy stand and a non-slip base, guaranteeing that the dining experience stays put. No more messy mealtimes or frustrated felines – just pure, uninterrupted indulgence.

✨ Health Boost with Tilted Goodness

Beyond just aesthetics, these cat bowls’ tilted design offers many health benefits. These bowls aid digestion and reduce regurgitation risk by promoting a more natural eating posture. Your cat will savor every bite without worrying about tummy troubles, enhancing their overall well-being.

✨ Stylish Simplicity

Who says pet essentials can’t be stylish? Our Non-Slip Raised Cat Food Bowls combines functionality with chic aesthetics. The minimalist design effortlessly integrates into any home decor, making it the perfect addition to your cat’s personal dining space. Treat your cat like royalty with bowls that complement your home’s aesthetic appeal.

✨ Easy-Peasy Cleanup

We understand the importance of hassle-free maintenance. The removable bowls and stand make cleaning a breeze. Spend less time cleaning and more quality time with your whiskered companion. Your cat gets a clean, fresh dining experience every time, and you get more time for play and cuddles.

✨ Durability Meets Delight

Crafted from high-quality, pet-safe materials, our Non-Slip Raised Cat Food Bowls are built to last. No more worries about wear and tear – these bowls are ready to withstand the test of countless meals and playful paw encounters. Invest in longevity, and let your cat enjoy the luxury of durable dining.

✨ The Perfect Gift for perfectionists

Are you looking for a gift for the cat lover in your life? Our Non-Slip Raised Cat Food Bowls make for an ideal present. Show your fellow feline enthusiasts that you care about their pets’ well-being with a gift that combines practicality, style, and a dash of purr-fection.

Indulge your cat in the epitome of feline dining luxury. Upgrade their mealtime experience with our Non-Slip Raised Cat Food Bowls – where health, style, and happiness collide. Because every cat deserves a dining experience as fabulous as they are! 🐾✨







57 reviews for WhiskerLift: Raised Cat Food Bowls

  1. M***a

    A Graca! Arrived quite quickly.

  2. M***z

    As the description

  3. J***r

    Excellent, store sent fast, declared the exact amount I paid, very good recommend! The pot is wonderful and very good material!

  4. V***a

    Very fast delivery, was very well packed 10/10

  5. P***O

    That bowl presents a great quality. I had bought another one, but it does not have the quality of this one I bought, even has greater thickness and certainly greater durability.

  6. S***e

    Great, it's the second I buy and my cats do great for vomiting

  7. D***c

    It seems that my cats do not leave as much mess on the floor with these bowls because of the raised stand.Awesome product!

  8. N***I

    A perfect size bowl for my older cat. She loves it.

  9. A***r

    soooo freaking cute!!!

  10. P***z

    Fast, nice and solid. I thought it would be porcelain, but it's hard plastic.

  11. M***M

    Very beautiful. Good plastic. Good time for the elderly.

  12. N***o

    Very cute, good workmanship, since the price is also good. For the cost benefit was better than buying in a physical store in my city. It was pretty quick too!

  13. N***i

    Cute! My dog love it.

  14. M***d

    Beautiful bowls love them. Thank you recommended.

  15. M***z

    My happy pet with his feeder ..

  16. N***a

    Very nice and practical!

  17. A***r

    It is a well finished and good quality product. Happy with my choice.

  18. I***a

    Excellent Product, good height when eating my cats

  19. N***r

    Prima bakje

  20. S***e

    Great bowl. As pictured

  21. Customer


  22. Customer

    My pets love

  23. M***m

    Cute little tats ideal for the digestion of cats

  24. H***n

    Very comfortable thing. I use it for soft food, the cat from ordinary cups shunted everything out of the Cup with a spout. Here, due to the lifting, all the food remains in the Cup. Thank you❤️

  25. A***e

    Arrived well! They are beautiful!

  26. P***A

    It is seen that it is of good material, it is equal to photography

  27. C***l


  28. M***a


  29. Customer

    I had already ordered one before, it is perfect

  30. B***e

    My cat likes it, it serves me while I am looking for A similar one of better quality.

  31. J***a

    Perfect, just as the image is the third one I buy.

  32. 3***r

    Wonderful product of maximum quality I will comfort again

  33. M***n

    At the top I recommend

  34. I***n

    arrived here sooner than expected :)) my cat loves it!!!

  35. O***o

    Good quality!

  36. B***a

    Delivery on time, good quality product.

  37. A***S

    It has arrived earlier than expected and the quality is what one can expect from such a product, for € 4 it is quite good, although it feels, that if, it falls apart, but at least it's not easy to slide.

  38. C***n

    This is the second one I've bought. It makes a real difference for my cat with an eating problem and for the feral with a broken hip.

  39. L***z

    It is very beautiful, quality plastic

  40. L***z

    Beautiful and good material, this is the third one I ask for.% Recommended.

  41. I***o

    Top, Otimo produced

  42. Customer


  43. A***r

    Plastic simple bowl, small.

  44. S***k

    This is my second bowl for my other cat. Plastic (melamite?) Easy to clean, and cute.

  45. 1***r

    No anti-slip system is a pity

  46. S***a

    I thought they were made of glass but they are made of plastic, they are very good and my Catas loved it and so did I

  47. A***r

    My kittens like it very much, it makes it easier for them to eat, I bought the three colors

  48. D***r

    love it sooo much

  49. T***o

    All perfect

  50. Customer

    Very nice, comfortable for small or large cats, does not weigh and has a lot of capacity.

  51. C***a

    The dish arrived in good condition, it is just as in the description.

  52. C***n

    Los amaron!

  53. F***a

    Very beautiful and excellent quality, arrives very fast

  54. S***r

    The dish is nice, it was only somewhat slow shipping, but in general everything is fine.

  55. S***n

    I arrive as is the photo without problem and without being broken, they are acrylic

  56. Customer

    Lightweight, suitable size, easy to clean. Meets expectations

  57. E***o


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