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Whisker Haven: Enclosed Cat Litter Box

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🌟 Introducing the Whisker Haven Front Entry Top Exit Cat Litter Box with Lid – a Feline Haven of Cleanliness and Comfort! 🌟

Are you tired of the scattered litter aftermath in your home? Are you yearning for a solution that combines elegance with functionality for your discerning feline friend? Look no further! The Front Entry Top Exit Cat Litter Box with Lid is not just a necessity; it’s a statement of sophistication in cat care.

🐾 Innovative Front Entry, Top Exit Design:

  • Say goodbye to litter tracking with our ingeniously designed box that ensures your cat enters from the front and exits from the top. This revolutionary design minimizes stray litter, keeping your floors pristine and your cat content.

🌈 Foldable Toilet for Easy Maintenance:

  • Embrace convenience with our foldable design, making scooping and cleaning a breeze. The collapsible feature ensures you can effortlessly reach every nook and cranny, maintaining a hygienic environment for your beloved pet.

🔒 Lid for Privacy and Odor Control:

  • Prioritize your cat’s privacy with the added lid feature. Not only does it provide a secluded space for your kitty, but it also contains odors effectively. Say farewell to unpleasant smells lingering in your home!

🌟 Elevate Your Cat’s Litter Experience:

  • Our litter box isn’t just functional; it’s a sanctuary for your feline companion. The spacious design allows for comfortable movement, ensuring your cat feels at ease whenever nature calls.

🔄 Effortless Scooping with Included Plastic Scoop:

  • We understand the critical importance of a quick and efficient cleanup. We’ve included a durable plastic scoop with every litter box. Keep the area spotless with minimal effort.

🌿 Environmentally Friendly Materials:

  • We care about the planet as much as we care about your cat. Our litter box is crafted from eco-friendly materials, providing a sustainable option for conscientious pet owners.

🌐 Universal Appeal with a Sleek Design:

  • Whether your home boasts a modern aesthetic or a classic charm, our Whisker Haven seamlessly blends into any setting. The smooth design adds a touch of sophistication to your cat’s corner.

👩‍⚕️ Promoting Cat Health:

  • A spotless box is vital for your cat’s well-being. With Purrfection, you’re investing not just in a litter box but in your cat’s health and happiness.

🎉 A Gift for Both You and Your Feline Friend:

  • Treat yourself and your cat to the ultimate in cat care. The Purrfection Front Entry Top Exit Cat Litter Box with Lid is not just a product; it’s a gift that keeps giving – a delightful addition to your home and a haven for your cherished pet.

🚀 Why Choose Whisker Haven?

  • Unrivaled innovation meets unparalleled elegance – Purrfection is not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle for cat enthusiasts who demand the best for their furry companions.

In conclusion, our Whisker Haven is a testament to the perfect marriage of functionality and style. Elevate your cat’s living experience while maintaining a clean and odor-free home. Order now and redefine your cat’s litter routine with Purrfection!

28 reviews for Whisker Haven: Enclosed Cat Litter Box

  1. I***i


  2. B***r

    Nothing to say

  3. E***d

    great product customer loves it

  4. N***a

    Very good quality, our kitten loves it!

  5. C***a

    Real product with photos

  6. Customer

    Toilet as described, plastic durable.

  7. A***s

    Looking great! My cat will love it

  8. J***t

    as described, cat is already using it.

  9. M***r

    The quality really good and the shipping was so fast thank you.

  10. A***s

    This product is as described. After trying so many litter boxes this one finally kept the tracking to a minimum and is great quality. Cat goes in the door and out the roof forcing most of the tracking to fall back into the box. very easy to clean and the hang on sieve is neat and tidy. Very satisfied with this product. Well packed and fast shipping to Australia. thank you.

  11. J***o

    Arrived in LA quickly. Easy to assemble, looks good and is nice & big. My cat won’t use the door so I had to remove it, but that’s just my cat- a little old to learn a new and unfamiliar routine. Recommended!

  12. J***r

    Fast shipping!

  13. L***w


  14. D***o

    Easy to Assemble. Resistant. Cat litter does not get scattered on the floor after its use.

  15. B***e

    Very good product cats love and very convenient for cleaning assembly very easy also thanks to this store and which in addition was very fast for the delivery good continuation

  16. J***a

    The delivery was too fast

  17. M***t

    The litter box is constructed somewhat atypically. The flap only opens in one direction. For God's sake, I feel sorry for my 19-year-old tomcat. You need to climb out of the roof. For this reason I saw off the plastic stopper of the flap (2 minutes) Now the door opens on both sides. I closed the roof for reasons of smell.

  18. F***r

    Arrival very quickly! Easy to Mount! Very good quality

  19. G***r

    Excellent quality, as the photo.

  20. A***a


  21. C***u

    Very practical and ideal size.

  22. M***z

    It is like in the images and it is mounted in 2 minutes, happy with the purchase

  23. M***s


  24. S***s

    Super recommended product. Large and practical

  25. R***r

    My second unit ordered and continue to maintain the quality

  26. Customer

    Very easy to assemble. The walls come as 1 piece connected/foldable making installation really easy. The door was a little hard to put in. My only concerns were since the walls are foldable, the areas where it folds are thin, I’m not sure if litter will fall into the crevices. Anyways for the door!!!! IF YOU’RE BUYING FOR A KITTEN DO NOT INSTALL THE DOOR!! It only swings one way and that’s entering the litter box! The only exit is the opening on the roof of the litter box! Otherwise I’m very happy with this.

  27. L***l

    It is one of the best purchases I have made on this site! One of my cats always takes out all the sand from the other sandboxes and with this one it does not happen! We go from having to sweep every day more than once a day around the sandpit so that the rest of the apartment is not full of sand, to being able to carry out regular cleaning. My cats prefer to go in and out above, so they hardly ever use the door, but they met the purchase goal so I am very satisfied. The size, color and quality are very good and the cost at which I bought it for promotion was excellent. We are very happy with the purchase. Also arrived very fast.

  28. V***y

    simple set up and efficient box. protects the litter from going everywhere

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