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Pawsitively Nippy: Catnip Ball for Cats

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🌿 Introducing the Catnip Wall Ball for Cats: A Purr-fect Blend of Fun and Wellness!

Are you ready to treat your fluffy friend to an unparalleled experience of joy and well-being? Look no further than our Catnip Wall Ball for Cats! Crafted with the utmost care and engineered to cater to your cat’s instincts, this unique product promises to be the talk of the town among our feline companions. Let’s dive into the mesmerizing world of the Catnip Wall Ball and discover why it’s more than just a toy.

🐾 Irresistible Catnip Infusion

  • Immerse your cat in the enchanting aroma of premium catnip, sourced to captivate even the most discerning feline connoisseurs.
  • The catnip infusion stimulates your cat’s senses, providing hours of entertainment and mental stimulation.

🎉 Promotes Healthy Digestion

  • Enhance your cat’s overall well-being with a product designed to promote digestion. The Catnip Wall Ball features ingredients that support a healthy digestive system.
  • Licking and interacting with the ball encourages salivation, aiding the digestive process and preventing hairballs.

🍬 Kitten Candy Delight

  • Treat your kitten to a candy-like experience that is delicious and packed with essential nutrients.
  • The Catnip Wall Ball is a tasty snack, making it a delightful reward for your kitten’s good behavior.

🌱 Minty Fresh Bliss

  • Infused with mint, this ball offers a refreshing experience for your cat, promoting good oral hygiene.
  • The minty scent and flavor will have your cat licking and playing for hours, ensuring entertainment and dental care.

🎨 Stimulating Wall Play

  • Designed for vertical play, the Catnip Wall Ball can be easily attached to any surface, turning your wall into a playground for your cat.
  • Watch as your cat jumps, paws, and bats at the ball, engaging in a captivating playtime that keeps them active and entertained.

🌈 Variety of Colors and Textures

  • The Catnip Wall Ball comes in various vibrant colors, adding excitement to your home decor.
  • This ball provides tactile stimulation with multiple textures, satisfying your cat’s natural curiosity.

🛍️ Durable and Easy to Clean

  • Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, the Catnip Wall Ball withstands even the most enthusiastic play sessions.
  • Easily detachable for cleaning, ensuring a hygienic environment for your cat to enjoy playtime.

🌟 The Ultimate Catnip Experience

  • Elevate your cat’s playtime with an all-encompassing product that combines entertainment, health benefits, and sensory delight.
  • The Catnip Wall Ball for Cats epitomizes a thoughtful and engaging pet accessory to enhance your bond with your furry companion.

Unleash the magic of the Catnip Wall Ball for Cats, and let your feline friend embark on a playfulness, wellness, and pure bliss journey. Order now and treat your cat to an experience beyond the ordinary!

Is Smart Device


Toys Type

Catnip Toys


Mainland China




catnip,cat mint


The diameter of the base is 4.5cm, the diameter of the mint ball is 3c

Suitable for

all pet cats


toys for cleaning cat molar teeth

type 05

Natural and Non-toxic

type 1

Cat toys

type 2

Cat Supplies

type 3

pet supplies

type 04

free shipping

type 06

Tooth cleaning






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92 reviews for Pawsitively Nippy: Catnip Ball for Cats

  1. R***z

    Loved my cat!

  2. D***a

    It has very good quality, in the picture it looks small but the size is very good, just wait for my cat to like it, as he put it on when he was giving milk to his kittens and he didn't want it. I hope that when it gets vacate if

  3. U***k

    The goods arrived quickly enough. Beautiful design, there is a lid and a sticker, it can be glued to the wall. The cats liked it very muchThank you very much store!

  4. Customer

    The product arrived damaged, the ball separately, the box separately

  5. А***к

    The cool thing is, it's good to use the Rozum and mend, bite, lick. If you want to, your love, your hair, you will get a garny, you will not get it.

  6. D***v

    two months to receive. and i have to pay additional 1.5$ in the post to receive.

  7. J***a

    Let's see how the gatines behave

  8. E***v

    All as described. Everything is great. But my cat turned out to be indifferent to this toy

  9. О***о

    Kit just talk about igrashka))

  10. В***в

    I don't know if they are in the money, and I didn't go to the Cats. And so everything is fine, shvidko got the Ukrainian.

  11. L***a

    It is a good size, I do not know yet I have shown my cat but I hope he likes it, if he likes it I will upload another review. Arrived relatively quickly

  12. S***s

    Just as in the description

  13. Д***я

    The cat was a fool!

  14. N***r

    Kit near the seizure, minted close to the Ministry of Human, Ediniy minus-Tse that, if you do not close yourself with a shout, you can't tell me how to do it. And cook it for kupuwati

  15. G***r

    Dovgo poshal

  16. T***o

    I will describe the product. I didn't print it anymore, I don't know that, yak vidregui)

  17. L***d

    Arrived very quickly, the cat is very happy, thank you very much the store!

  18. Customer

    Looks the same as the photo. Now I must test if the cat really likes it

  19. И***а

    The cat is satisfied, thank you

  20. L***e

    thanks very much everything are perfect

  21. K***4

    My cat loved it

  22. E***e

    my damn cats doesn't care about the thing

  23. Е***ч

    Top, everything is at the garnoi! Like it! Came to the Moscow time!

  24. S***s

    Cat isnt very interested in the catnip factor of this ball, but loves to chase it around house.

  25. O***y

    The cat really liked it. I was wring it on this ball. Arrived in 1.5 months by Ukrmail

  26. A***a

    Ordered on August 28 received on September 18. The cat is delighted.

  27. V***o

    Everything came, if you can't be fooled, 1 Tilki got rubbed and everything…

  28. C***r

    My cats went crazy xjsnxn 10/10☝️

  29. C***r

    Exelent product

  30. A***o

    Thank you very much

  31. U***r

    I took tsyu igrashka at once with a bag of greenery. I thought about chomus chomus chomus chomus chomus chomus and chakey pamuva your money. Ale I just paid for the package) for a little two Kishki and one got together, the other did not fool. I didn't beat it for money. I can't get too hard through those cats) and I was still in the Shotty shots of the little girl. I thought there would be a lot of it. Ale I am satisfied with the goods and glad at least one in in zayshov)

  32. S***a

    Thank you very much. The customer received. All super. The cat really liked the toy.

  33. Customer

    In fact, the product is good, but my cat does not react to it, they threw out 63 UAH…

  34. I***s

    Arrived earlier! And it's just as I expected it .. what yes .. My cat doesn't catch it a lot of Hajaj but I like it the same. Many thanks!

  35. L***o

    Arrived before the indicated date.

  36. S***i

    I arrived perfect in Mexico City.

  37. F***f

    The cat is delighted but the holder probably broke off during the shipment

  38. O***k

    Good item.Cat is happy!

  39. L***m

    The cat is satisfied

  40. Л***а

    My Kiev

  41. S***u

    my cat loves it.. thank you ..

  42. D***s


  43. E***a

    Everything exactly as described!!! the product arrived a month ahead of schedule. my cat is incredibly happy!!!

  44. K***a

    All Super

  45. R***4

    Recommended, my cat likes me a lot

  46. Y***i

    Our case is not a fool)

  47. J***z

    My cats neither before nor after peeled the product, of 4 cats nor one had the effect of the product

  48. A***r

    Cat in capture

  49. P***p

    I had already bought them from another manufacturer, it has little quantity, for cats who do not know it and you want to see if it is pleasant or not.

  50. М***я

    It came as a hero. Kazz RIBA Z m'yatoyu

  51. A***B

    I liked it and my kitten too,

  52. Customer

    Cats very satisfied

  53. Customer

    cats love it

  54. S***s

    My cats remained indifferent)

  55. R***e

    my cat went crazy within seconds

  56. N***o

    It smells like chamomile and looks just like grass, the cat seems to be rubbing through the bag, but if I open it and let it smell, it's like a lemon. The filling in the photo is visible. Maybe I'll try to sew it up and check it in the toy.

  57. A***c

    Good. Took a while to arrive.

  58. A***n

    The shipment and delivery is fast. The product is good. The store Thank you.

  59. B***m

    Yummy for cats, they are very satisfied

  60. B***r

    The delivery was very long. But the cats liked it.

  61. E***a

    The ball went for a long time, for more than a month to the Department of the post office. Kefirchik is happy and now a drug addict))

  62. А***а

    Everything is cool, I came to the Moscow city of Shwidshe, May 2, I was like a fool

  63. S***k

    The arrival of the product is in good condition with tight packaging pending testing

  64. С***а

    Shvidko, vidpovid art came. Matched

  65. Т***о

    Everything, yak in the inventory. Cool accessories for quotes. Demanding the brother himself, it's easy, for I'm not in the pictures. Cats matched)

  66. K***r

    I left the cat for five minutes with this ball, and when I arrived, the walls and floor were wet and in wool, and the cat was all green and with a red nose, rubbed it on the ball. It's good that there is a cap, or the cat would erase against it)

  67. A***t

    The goods are filled with, the kitty is like

  68. A***v

    cat love it

  69. M***a

    Everything arrived according to the description, the Catas liked

  70. S***s

    my beloved cat completely ignores this toy/scratcher

  71. A***a

    The break-up came for the misyatsi, ale vidlamane, one with a crack of a crack, Kat vidlaman did not react, Mabout is not a drug addict))

  72. N***n

    Thank you very much.

  73. A***r

    good my cat like it

  74. D***a

    Kit in ahuya! I'm such! My kitsyu is not very much the next thing, ale Duge cool is. Daughter

  75. J***a

    O. K, came for the Ministry. Sniff and sniff. Piznishe obov'azkovo extra vidguk.

  76. O***r

    Koti Buli with hush. Pothim ohololi before them.

  77. Customer

    He order arrived in good condition new and clean

  78. I***d

    Really good quality and my cats love it

  79. Customer

    haven't tried but the balls work well

  80. Z***o

    It took centuries to arrive, but it came. As how it shows in the photo

  81. A***a

    5 weeks to Kyiv

  82. W***w

    Quality and workmanship OK but cats are not interested

  83. F***H

    one came broken but the rest 2 are ok. Cats are not too enthusiastic about it…

  84. M***y

    Before selling the claim. Ale it's just about Sho. Once the cat is more beautiful without sniffing it. Penny for printer

  85. D***G

    I thought they were a little bigger they are very small

  86. A***o

    Fast delivery, but the cat is not high.

  87. R***v

    The cat is satisfied, I liked the ball very much. Fast delivery. Thanks store⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  88. D***r

    Came ahead of time, but my cats did not appreciate it but the dog came in. Of course I don't know if it's possible to give dogs, but she really liked it. But unfortunately not for cats. Delivery arrived quickly and everything arrived in good shape. I recommend it.

  89. A***h

    10/10 The cat was honored.

  90. N***i

    Broken, the money was returned

  91. A***a

    The cat should be like

  92. C***a

    Is the same as how it shows, my kitten liked it a lot, rubs all the time with it. Fast shipping. I certainly recommend it

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