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ClawShield Mat: Cat Scratching Mat

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🌟 Introducing our ClawShield Mat for Your Feline Friend: The Multi-Shaped Cat Scratching Mat! 🌟

Are you a devoted cat parent searching for the ultimate blend of entertainment and essential cat care? Look no further – our Multi Shaped Cat Scratching Mat is here to whisk your furry companion away to a world of joy and relaxation! Crafted with precision and infused with feline-friendly features, this cat interactive toy and sharpening claw cardboard corrugated board will become an indispensable addition to your cat’s kingdom.

✨ Diverse Shapes for Endless Amusement:

  • Delight your cat with various shapes incorporated into the scratching mat – circles, triangles, and squares, each enticing your feline friend to explore and conquer.
  • It promotes mental stimulation and prevents boredom, ensuring your cat stays engaged and entertained throughout the day.

✨ Premium Quality Cardboard Construction:

  • Meticulously crafted from high-quality corrugated cardboard, this scratching mat offers durability that stands the test of your cat’s enthusiastic scratching sessions.
  • The corrugated texture serves as a natural nail file, allowing your cat to sharpen and maintain its claws while minimizing the risk of furniture damage.

✨ Interactive Design for Healthy Play:

  • Foster a healthier lifestyle for your cat by encouraging physical activity. The various shapes and textures stimulate your cat’s instincts, promoting exercise and playfulness.
  • Create bonding moments as you watch your cat pounce, scratch, and roll over with sheer delight on this interactive wonder.

✨ Versatile Placement Options:

  • The minimalistic and lightweight design allows you to place the mat anywhere your cat frequents – be it next to their favorite window perch, near the cozy cat bed, or in the heart of their play area.
  • Enhance your home decor while providing a designated space for your cat’s scratching needs.

✨ Easy Maintenance for Busy Pet Parents:

  • Designed conveniently, the scratching mat is easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic environment for your feline friend.
  • Wipe away accumulated fur or debris, and your cat’s paradise is ready for another round of play.

✨ Environmentally Friendly Choice:

  • Embrace sustainability with our eco-friendly cat scratching mat, made from reusable materials that reduce your carbon pawprint.
  • Join us in promoting a greener future for your cat and the planet.

In conclusion, our ClawShield Mat is not just a product; it’s a gateway to feline bliss. Elevate your cat’s environment, strengthen your bond, and redefine the meaning of playtime with this exquisite cat interactive toy. Make your cat’s dreams come true – order now and let the purr-fect adventure begin!

No. of Tiers

Single Layer

Item Type

Scratching Pads



66 reviews for ClawShield Mat: Cat Scratching Mat

  1. J***s

    The cats loved… They're using a lot… Miouw…

  2. L***c

    Fast delivery. My Cat adore

  3. G***r

    My cats love it, I recommend the product and the store

  4. D***n

    My cat is very satisfied with it. So me, too.

  5. Customer

    Perfect. Cats love

  6. Customer

    It looks exactly like the picture, well made, but the Cats weren't interested in it, so I can't judge the durability.

  7. M***a

    Excellent quality flapper, exactly this size is more expensive for us by half) the cat sharpened its claws only on paper, so we buy often) I will order here again) delivery 2 weeks, very fast)

  8. E***k

    I recommend it, quickly, as described

  9. N***j

    I like it. The speed of transportation is quite fast

  10. Customer

    cats love it!

  11. A***a

    Hard cardboard, well packed and catnip gift, fast shipping.

  12. Customer

    Quite small and with the cost of delivery it is like to buy it at monop or a Aucha but identical to the description and photo

  13. M***t

    My cat loves this. Straight away she claimed it n even sleeps on it

  14. M***s

    Very much more the cat grass

  15. Customer

    My cats love them and get excited every time they arrive.

  16. A***T


  17. M***r

    Looks Hardy, I hope to see how long it lasts for the pussycats

  18. L***r

    Perfectly matches the description. The product seems to please my cat who uses it as a kind of bed 🙂

  19. A***t

    Great scratcher. It’s made out of cart board and my cats absolutely love it. I buy the same kind all the time because they really prender this one and the round bed shaper one too.

  20. Customer

    Cats like and use

  21. K***k

    Cats, they love them

  22. Customer

    It smells no so good, so I'll get the smell out first and then give it to my cat. In the package, there was a catnip. The scrapers came dented, so they don't look so good, but hope, will fulfill their purpose.

  23. D***z

    Are still on trial… my cats are still adapted to this kind of scraper… good quality and good price .. the delivery pretty fast ..

  24. Customer

    Fast delivery (2 weeks) cool scratching post for the little cat 🙂

  25. L***r

    Normal quality. Something small but useful.

  26. Customer

    The product is fine, I expected it bigger but it's okay

  27. C***e

    Nice scratcher. As expected from a cat scratcher.

  28. V***a

    Just what they promised and my cat loves it.

  29. A***a

    Small kites can scratch for guod

  30. J***n

    Cute real

  31. Customer

    Everything is OK

  32. I***r

    Cats really liked it!

  33. P***G

    Arrived fast and in good condition

  34. S***s

    Small but does its function

  35. I***a

    Very good scratching post, my cat loves such.

  36. A***a


  37. B***a

    Everything came right, but it would be good to show the dimensions of the scratcher, because in the images it appeared to be bigger, because the cat fits all there, and when it came and saw it, it barely fit. So, having a description of the size is crucial and would help at the time of purchase.

  38. A***r

    My cats loved it and fought over the scraper, I'll have to order 2 more

  39. C***n

    Smaller than I had imagined but my cat adore!

  40. C***o

    Product as per Description received with an update in advance.

  41. R***r

    Its OK, perfect size fits what is described. my cats love it. Arrived sooner than expected, vendor recomended.

  42. J***r


  43. T***a

    14days delivery, super fast 🙂 And cats love it. Unpacked and 2seconds later they were already scratching on it like their life depends on it 😀

  44. А***й

    The zamovlennya came to the Duge of Shvidko for 12 days, it's sorry that there was a defect, you could have cheated at the transport, the packaging of the udovit was not sealed

  45. E***n

    For kittens, very small

  46. S***n

    Dear! The small one was honored by stopping pulling the sofa!

  47. Customer

    The mat is smaller than I thought and rather damaged. I think the latter is very sorry I could not give it to someone as a present.

  48. D***o

    Good product. My kittens like it very much!

  49. J***l

    I arrived well

  50. M***a

    The cardboard is very light!!!

  51. E***a

    Scratching post. Shvidka delivery.

  52. A***n

    Priyshka of Prima

  53. E***k

    The cat is happy, and what else do I need? I recommend the store, the delivery is fast!

  54. M***n

    All OK, all yak in the inventory

  55. H***a

    Great, Capt. satisfied

  56. C***a


  57. A***o

    Everything as a description

  58. G***r

    Size ok, product OK

  59. G***d


  60. T***u

    my cat loves it, has been using it for a week and it's still good. The size is perfect, definitely a good purchase!

  61. J***e

    Very good product, well packed and arrived in good condition.

  62. I***k

    Long delivery. Scratching scratch is OK

  63. J***z

    My cat is delighted

  64. N***a

    Sizes were very important to me, because I ordered several sharpeners and fastened them together. I ordered 23,5 cm-and received 21 cm. So I put 4 stars, such things can be measured quite accurately and correctly indicated in the description. Generally satisfied, the sharpener performs its function. Thank you!

  65. C***a

    Perfect. My cat loves them. A great size.

  66. L***r

    Quality is good. My cat loves it!

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