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Feline ScratchSphere: Cat Scratching Ball Toy

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🐾 Introducing our Feline ScratchSphere: Premium Sisal Rope Cat Scratching Ball Toy!

Are you tired of your cat friend turning your furniture into their scratching haven? Worry no more! Our Premium Sisal Rope Cat Scratching Ball Toy is not just a solution; it’s an upgrade to your cat’s lifestyle. Crafted with precision and designed to captivate your kitty’s attention, this scratching ball toy is more than just a plaything – it’s a statement of quality and feline satisfaction.

🌟 Premium Quality Sisal Rope

Say goodbye to flimsy scratching posts that barely withstand a week of vigorous pawing. Our cat-scratching ball toy is crafted from high-quality sisal rope, known for its durability and natural texture that beckons your cat’s primal instincts. The robust construction ensures longevity, providing your cat with a satisfying surface to grind those claws without wear and tear.

🎉 Entertainment Galore

Boredom be gone! This scratching ball toy is not just a scratching post; it’s a full-fledged entertainment center for your beloved furball. Watch as your cat pounces, bats, and swats at the enticing ball, providing hours of amusement and exercise. It’s the perfect solution to keep your cat physically active and mentally stimulated, promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle.

👌 Durable Board Base

The scratching ball is securely anchored to a durable board base, ensuring stability during your cat’s most exuberant play sessions. No more worrying about the toy toppling over or sliding across the floor. The sturdy base provides a reliable foundation, giving your cat the confidence to scratch, stretch, and play without interruptions.

🌈 Stylish Addition to Your Home

Who said pet accessories can’t be stylish? Our Feline ScratchSphere is not just a treat for your cat but a delight for your home decor. The sleek design seamlessly blends into any room, adding a touch of sophistication while catering to your cat’s instincts. It’s a win-win for both you and your feline companion!

🔄 Versatile Placement

Flexibility is key! Whether you want to place it in the living room, bedroom, or even your cat’s haven, the scratching ball toy fits seamlessly into any space. Its compact size allows for easy relocation, ensuring your cat’s entertainment is never limited to just one corner of your home.

🌱 Promotes Healthy Paw Care

Cats instinctively scratch to maintain healthy claws and mark their territory. Our scratching ball toy promotes proper paw care, allowing your pet friend to engage in natural scratching behavior without the risk of damaging furniture. It’s a win-win situation – your cat gets a satisfying outlet, and your furniture stays scratch-free.

📦 Order Now for a Happier Cat

Invest in your cat’s happiness today! Order our Premium Feline ScratchSphere and wait for the joy it brings your feline friend. It’s not just a purchase but an investment in your cat’s well-being and peace of mind. Let the scratching begin! 🐱

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Single Layer

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Scratching Posts





84 reviews for Feline ScratchSphere: Cat Scratching Ball Toy

  1. Customer

    Super good solid product, and thank you or store for the gifts

  2. S***m

    Turning screws provided, screws and a ball as a gift. Easy to mount

  3. J***s

    All good thank you

  4. A***a

    Very nice

  5. Customer

    Not yet delivered the logistics company imile is so bad at counnications , by mistake i press delivered sign. And when i asked them where is my delivery they said you will have it after one week

  6. C***e

    Super arrived earlier than expected! Bravo and thank you for the gift the very pretty little ball

  7. A***k

    Not easy to aim but content with the rendering

  8. M***g

    With tools I think that's a very good attention.

  9. M***r

    Good product, no instructions came with it, but if you look at the picture and construction is intuitive. I got the large one, which is still small, but cats like it fine.

  10. M***o

    I was embarrassed because it was smaller than I thought, but satisfied because it was so cute and cheap. The process of assembling was easy and fun. I'm embarrassed because I don't play in the shape I was looking forward to, but I'm satisfied because the kids like it.

  11. N***s

    Very easy to fold. But the screwdriver that comes with is small. A huge gratitude to the store for a small gift in the form of a ball, my cats play with him all over the room.

  12. K***o

    Smaller than expected & I wish I purchased the big one instead but no complaints otherwise. Cat isn’t sure if she likes it yet but we will see. Comes unassembled with a screwdriver & nails. Good purchase for the price. Fast shipping.

  13. C***s

    Small for a big model

  14. B***a

    Not bad is smaller than thought and the screwdriver was bent but entertains the kittens

  15. N***n

    I liked the scratching post. is going fast. Seller, caring put the screwdriver. All the pieces of wood are polished, no burrs, it is collected quickly. It's good that I ordered a large one, T. to big is not very big. Satisfied with the order, thanks to the store, 5 stars

  16. K***k

    very nice

  17. M***n


  18. E***a

    Excellent quality of all materials the problem is that my cat does not occupy it

  19. R***r

    I have asked for directions on putting this together , but have not heard back , Please provide

  20. R***n

    great product, good materials

  21. U***r

    Nice! Fast delivery!

  22. P***r

    great size, cute design and my cat likes it!

  23. H***s

    Excellent product, with a small gift

  24. Customer

    Arrived quickly- at the moment my cat is not that interested in that‍♀️ there was also a small ball with it that he likes a lot

  25. D***n

    super pour le chat

  26. J***h

    Unfortunately very small for the selection big

  27. Y***C

    It took a little bit to arrive compared to my other products, it is a simple scraper, I recommend putting wax on the wood to give it durability. I placed catnip so that my cats would take it into account.

  28. R***z

    I liked it very much, as it comes in the photo. Thanks

  29. Customer

    See the class Sharik, the tylki treba Bulo all the brothers themselves. Bulls of all bolts took 5 Khvilin from the bag

  30. A***r

    Just Super very good****** I give 6 stars…. Thank you

  31. C***z

    would recommend big size

  32. I***r

    I liked the toy for the cat . Thanks to the store for the gift, fast shipping and high-quality goods. I am happy with the purchase. I recommend the product and the seller.

  33. D***i

    Product Ok, my cat does not play with it yet but we hope to start using it soon. Super fast shipping and reliable store

  34. L***r

    Little bit scratched but ok.

  35. R***e

    Brand New my cat is approaching it but for the moment has no intention of spinning the ball. But I think it will come. Good article I recommend!

  36. K***a

    Excellent Product, arrived in good condition.

  37. Customer

    My cat does not attract attention, however the quality and materials are good. It comes with a disarmer and a gift ball that my cat likes very much.

  38. R***e

    Superb! Easy to assemble, comes with a screwdriver.

  39. D***n

    A little smaller than I thought but a neat toy for the kitty.

  40. G***r

    It’s good but my cats aren’t paying attention to it

  41. R***S

    Cats ADORE it! They sat and watched me put it together and haven't left it alone since! Add a little catnip spray to the ball and they lose their minds. Really great purchase, it's always wonderful to find something at a low price that the animals enjoy

  42. Customer


  43. M***a

    Easy to arm

  44. Customer


  45. F***y

    Is smaller than in the picture

  46. A***r

    It's very small, I'm waiting for you to use it still

  47. Y***o


  48. M***o

    Delighted to have received a screwdriver and a bullet in the package 🙂

  49. F***o

    Very good and very good quality

  50. E***t

    In the comments it was said that it was small and indeed small, bring the tools to assemble the base, even that the screws do not fit completely in some pieces

  51. Customer

    I bought 3 as a gift for three different cats. It is neither big nor small. I really like it, I hope they will too.

  52. Z***e

    Padaryta outlets!

  53. H***m


  54. T***o

    I'm going to try it with my kitten

  55. S***k

    Came. everything is like in the photo, but the cat got scared and ran away

  56. F***r

    Super cool!! I would like it to come with directions to asamble it but is really really cool

  57. A***n


  58. Y***a

    Very nice, it came with a little gift, bring a tool to assemble, I hope the cats like it

  59. E***s

    simple enough for what it is. no written instructions, but fairly intuitive. main issue is that the screw holes weren't drilled properly, which made assembly difficult by hand. one post was missing any drill holes, so I had to do that myself. otherwise, I'm sure the cats will enjoy it. it has a good weight to it to keep it from falling over

  60. R***i


  61. S***i

    I love it ! Easy to put together!!

  62. L***r

    We love it! And the children also hehehe. Corresponds to the images. Easy to Assemble and it comes with catnip for them to still enjoy more, when they destroy it I will buy it again. Thank you. Thank you.

  63. G***s

    my kitten loves this

  64. E***x

    Looks like the photos, my cat doesnt want to play with it tho

  65. J***a

    Is fine for the price

  66. Customer

    Very cool has loved my catsRecommendable

  67. A***e

    It really nice I like it. It is a little difficult to assemble. But other than that really good. Thank you.

  68. M***m

    As in the image, assembly instructions do not come but if you look at the photo it is very intuitive, bring a screwdriver and they have given us a ball

  69. M***s

    Beautiful beautiful!! I think my cats like it so much, done well!! It stinks when it opens

  70. A***r

    Super part. Kater is satisfied.

  71. Customer

    It came with a little gift – little ball. For now, cat loves the red ball and he's not interested in the bigger one 🙂

  72. N***a

    All the same Garno and do not go

  73. I***i

    Resistant material only that you have to arm it. I hope my cats like it.

  74. F***t


  75. Customer

    Works well. Cats enjoy it. Assembly was easy.

  76. E***L

    They have not paid any attention to him, but he is very well done for what it has cost.

  77. S***s

    The big one is very small

  78. I***a

    I like it. My cat to❤️

  79. F***r

    Easy to mount can be arranged in many ways unfortunately my cat is not interested

  80. Customer

    Super cute and practical but unfortunately my cat didn't give much ball

  81. E***w

    Equal to picture

  82. Customer

    not bad. looks fine to me, really good price/quality ratio. Screwdriver included. recommend

  83. Customer

    Great toy for my cats. They love it.

  84. H***o

    Easy to assemble. My cat only looks at it.

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