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PurrfectStream: Cat Fountain Water Bowl

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🐾 Introducing the Purr-fect Haven for Your Feline Friend: PurrfectStream 🐾

Cradle your beloved furball in the lap of luxury with our Soft, Warm, Flannel Thickened Pet Blanket Mat, designed exclusively for small cats seeking the epitome of comfort. Crafted with love and feline sensibility in mind, this exquisite mattress cushion is not just a piece of pet paraphernalia – it’s a statement of indulgence, warmth, and unparalleled coziness.

✨ Luxurious Flannel Bliss:

  • Immerse your furry friend in the lap of luxury with the irresistibly soft touch of high-quality flannel.
  • Each fiber is meticulously chosen to provide an exquisite texture that your cat’s delicate paws will adore.

🔥 Thickened for Supreme Comfort:

  • Experience next-level comfort with the thickened design, ensuring your cat enjoys a cloud-like retreat every time they settle in.
  • The plush thickness adds an extra layer of insulation, making it the ideal haven for chilly days and nights.

🚿 Easily Washable for Convenience:

  • Say goodbye to pet mess worries with PurrfectStream! The blanket mat is a comfort haven and a breeze to clean.
  • Toss it in the washing machine, and watch it emerge as good as new, ready to cradle your cat in cleanliness and freshness.

🌈 Lovely Designs to Match Your Cat’s Personality:

  • Choose from charming patterns and colors to match your cat’s unique personality and home decor.
  • These lovely designs add style to your pet’s corner while ensuring they feel at home.

🛋️ Versatile as a Mattress or Cushion:

  • Transform your cat’s favorite spot into a plush paradise by using it as a mattress or a cushion.
  • The versatility of this pet blanket mat ensures that your cat can enjoy it in their cozy bed, carrier, or any corner they claim as their own.

🌬️ Ideal for All Seasons:

  • Whether it’s a frosty winter night or a balmy summer day, the Soft, Warm, Flannel Thickened Pet Blanket Mat is designed to cater to all seasons.
  • The breathable yet insulating fabric keeps your cat comfortable year-round, ensuring they have a cherished spot in every weather.

🎁 Perfect Gift for Cat Lovers:

  • Are you searching for the ideal gift for a fellow cat enthusiast? Look no further!
  • Our pet blanket mat is a practical accessory and a thoughtful present showing you understand and appreciate your feline family member’s needs.

🌟 Bonus:

  • Elevate your cat’s lounging experience with our PurrfectStream, a must-have for cat owners seeking unparalleled comfort for their feline companions.
  • Shop now to treat your cat to the epitome of coziness and make a stylish statement in your home decor.


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97 reviews for PurrfectStream: Cat Fountain Water Bowl

  1. M***n

    amazing! exactly libre description. really silence, my cats are interested and not afraid like with noisy fountain. I recommend

  2. S***s

    good products for the price. my cats love it and that's all that really matters haha

  3. M***R

    As in the photo except that the high trickle does not appear as in the video

  4. W***a

    The product came very quickly. Nothing is destroyed except a slightly dented cardboard box but it's no problem. The fountain works perfectly and I am satisfied, I recommend it very much!♡

  5. M***a

    Everything came to pour down the shvidko, tzile and non-ushkodzhene. Cat tsikavo)

  6. I***n

    in love with this font. my cats will be very satisfied drinking from this flowing water all day

  7. J***z

    Excellent Product, arrived a little earlier than scheduled, in very good condition, easy to assemble, no noise and my kitten immediately loved it… Thank you

  8. I***a

    All yak in the inventory. The bag is quiet, not for the dot. Kit in the capture and I am now. Recommend

  9. M***o

    Came without the water pipe. Came well packed, sealed, it is of great quality, but the water pipe was missing

  10. I***a

    Came in boxes. USA tzile. Kit for the same vivchai sho that for a piece of TakaSeller recommend

  11. J***l

    works great!

  12. R***e

    Delivery in 7 days! Everything is correct, it works perfectly, it is super silent and the electricity consumption is ridiculous, I have put a 5v and 0.25A power supply and it is plenty. The only paste that the power cord is a little short in my case.

  13. A***a

    Makes a little leger but very well, very fast sending

  14. I***a

    As in the photo, the box is slightly crumpled, all the challenge and works.

  15. N***n


  16. D***y

    Cat looks happy, so i am. Delivered faster than i expected.

  17. A***a

    The little thing came to shvidko, everything was good, the kitty was picked up by her beer. All Super, recommend!

  18. S***r

    A beautiful fountain, at first I did not understand how and what, and then I realized thank you very much!!!❤️❤️

  19. J***s

    Very good for the price.

  20. B***r


  21. Customer

    Arrived on time to Bulgaria. And my cat started to use it ..a bit noisy for me but it’s ok

  22. R***n

    The box came crumpled, the fountain was all. The owner is satisfied

  23. S***r

    Arrived ahead of schedule, just like the ad, and already my Babys are already using

  24. M***o

    Very fast delivery. The source very well. Thanks

  25. S***z

    Fast delivery. Operation as in the description, you put a charger with usb and perfect, I have it to the minimum for the noise, it goes great and michis love it.

  26. J***j

    The package as the product description Thank you store one week to arrive in Spain

  27. S***y

    my cat loves it and drinks much more now

  28. M***s

    Nice product nice quality , also really fast shipping to Chile

  29. J***a

    I asked for it and it came to me in a super fast week and it meets my expectations. I like it. I recommend it

  30. A***D

    Fast delivery, great product. It’s first day, out cat still don’t want to use it, let’s see how it works out

  31. T***n

    Fast delivery! As described, complete set, everything works great, cats drink, awesome stuff. Thank you! Recommend! Took approximately hryvnia for 260, through the choice of aliexpres.

  32. A***j

    Very well! Since my cat drink all day it's very good

  33. Customer

    Works very well. Although the hose to connect the pump is very short. Which causes it to stay hanging.

  34. Customer

    It arrived very quickly, well packed, equal to the photo of my catsLike me.

  35. L***a

    it seem my cat like it and he is very curious about it

  36. R***s

    easy to install, works very well and quite long cable which was exactly what needed 🙂 and definitely cat was a bit curious for first 5min, but then was not afraid to drink 🙂

  37. J***u

    The product is too late, and the box is all distorted. Products are satisfied

  38. A***z

    Super happy with this purchase, came super fast. The fountain goes great

  39. A***i

    9 of 10 did not come the little square that is connected to the light of the rest super good! Arrived in a very good time, for its cost the product is very good.

  40. L***o

    Same as the image, as I imagined it, in addition to the great price, and the fast delivery too, if more than satisfied, it comes with a filter and everything, now it only remains to taste it and that my cats like it, which I hope they do.

  41. R***s

    Great product, works well. It has 3 powers, the weakest is ideal for cats to learn to use it and do not get scared or try to claws the water jet haha. Arrived in less than two weeks.

  42. V***s

    Great product. It has a very good size and is easy to assemble besides being silent.

  43. N***a

    Very good and very silenious, the kitties loved it!!

  44. A***z

    The jet of the water does not come out as high or strong as in the video, however it works equally and it is enough for my cat to stare hahaha

  45. Customer

    The fountain is good, but for some reason the cat is not interested

  46. Customer

    My cats love it, the moment I put it my cats took their water there, super recommended.

  47. L***v

    It work’s really good my dogs and my cat love it

  48. R***s


  49. R***s

    Absolutely perfect

  50. V***a

    Very good product, arrived earlier than expected and it works well, does not make sounds and is easy to put together.

  51. O***y

    Excellent quality and arrived before the time a little battered the box but thank God the product arrived well and it was not damaged recommended from Chili

  52. A***z

    This very cool works perfect and is exact to the description. My kitten is curious but she still hasn't drunk from him even if she wets her paw and licks it

  53. R***s

    As described, the same, it is the second I buy, good price and good design. I recommend for animals.

  54. Д***к

    The cat is crazy, great thing is not noisy 10 out of 10!!!!

  55. C***z

    If I like me and much more to my kitten

  56. D***n

    Everything ok, works perfectly

  57. P***k


  58. Customer

    I received it and it came right. Very good the product. It's working perfectly.

  59. C***s

    As described, received in normal timeframe. Works and like other comments, no high fountain stream, but would not want that anyway as it would risk water splashing.

  60. M***z

    Equals description, works properly. Easy installation. Quick arrival to Chile. The noise it emits is almost imperceptible

  61. K***k

    It's good, all the yak is in the inventory, it's quiet, I recommend it!

  62. M***e

    Couldn’t figure it out. They refunded. Thank you!

  63. D***s

    It looks amazing at night with the LED light emitted by the water pump! Finished in refined polypropylene and without burb; It looks beautiful.

  64. R***z

    Arrived quickly. Is as seen in the description. The three speeds of the water pump are a cap that more or less obstructs the flow of the liquid as it passes through it. Therefore the speed and energy expenditure is the same, but the water passes more directly or its passage is hindered, thus making it more or less come out. My cats seem to like them.

  65. A***a

    Good source for your cats arrived in good condition and in two weeks to chili hurts that I could not try my sick cat and well it is already in a better place I cannot try it but without a doubt it would have loved

  66. J***g

    Order received so quickly and cats and dog love it. Water fountain is very soundless. Really recommended.

  67. I***n

    arrived earlier than expected!! my cat loves it hehe

  68. B***n

    It is perfect, works great, the price is very low for the function it gives, easy assembly

  69. A***u

    Remember to find a adapter that actually delivers the power needed to start the pump. I had to try several adapters until i found the right one…

  70. G***n

    I'm very happy with it. Both my cat and dog uses it.

  71. P***p

    Bigger than I thought, works for now so exactly how I wanted

  72. 1***r

    We are very happy with the water source. The next one you buy will be with a control of the water level.

  73. P***i

    As described

  74. C***e

    How it is described, my cats love it

  75. R***a

    Excellent product. I 've been using it for almost a month day and night and everything works perfect. My cat douses to take water from here. Makes a very relaxing noise of running water.

  76. K***z

    Very good quality of the materials, my cats loved it, I liked that you can change the power of the source from the engine. Arrived much earlier than expected, in a week. Perhaps the only detail is that the size of the hose is very fair and it is a bit tedious to connect it from the cover to the engine and place it well at the bottom of the container, but in general very satisfied with the product!

  77. M***o

    The product arrived today, very fast shipping. I have already installed it and it works well although the splash of water does not go up like in advertising. My cat is still reticent but he will like it.

  78. L***r

    Great product. We have 2 dogs, one medium and one small sized, and they both love this. The store marked the box as standard instead of the LED version and we almost returned it, but it is in fact the LED version. It would be nice if it had a cutout at the middle of the water reservoir so you can attach the pump exactly at the center, buy otherwise, great product.

  79. A***S

    Good product and arrived fast

  80. B***r

    Item is just as described. Our old fountain broke so our cat will be happy to have a new one.

  81. S***n

    As described on product's page. The transport took more than it was advertised.

  82. A***i

    They are the same ones that come to you with the drinking fountain, so everything perfect

  83. Customer

    It corresponds to what was offered, before they sent only filters, it works well and it came very well packaged, it is silent, with lights that are seen at night, the cat does not dare to touch it yet

  84. B***r

    Love! Your animals might be a little scared at first (or my dog might just be a scaredy cat- very possible), but once they warm up they’ll be in love!! I have noticed my dog drinks more water now. Great product!!!

  85. F***t

    Top, you just have to try

  86. T***s

    Came as pictured. We’ve had about 3 weeks now and it works perfectly. Kitten… and even the dogs love it haha.

  87. O***v

    Connected the water bowl and the cats are satisfied, it works perfectly. Thanks to the store.

  88. M***V

    It is very beautiful and functional, it takes me less than 15 days to arrive, I recommend it a lot

  89. C***a

    Wrong, the product box was open, missing the pump connection tuno with the water, without it I can not make it work.

  90. H***a

    My cat loves it! Working very quiet. Kitty starts drinkin often. I'm so happy☺️ Great product, fast shipping. Thank you

  91. K***o

    Wine in perfect condition, easy to use, brings everything that says the description image. Very soft the noise it makes, it is almost not noticeable.

  92. Customer

    Legit has no sound. Very pleased for the price!

  93. R***o

    A nice product with a negligible price, my dogs love it

  94. A***a

    Everything came right, my cat has already tried and approved, Ball show.

  95. L***o

    Good quality. Work very well. Hose length could be longer, but works.

  96. F***a

    Great product, my cats took a long time to get used to drinking, but after 2 week. Already went without fear, it works perfectly. I'm satisfied.

  97. M***e

    First I was scared it didn’t work properly, as it was splashing water all over and then I found the regulation switch at the bottom. Very happy with this purchase. Works great!

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