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MeowScrub Bathroom Mitts: Cat Bathing Gloves

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🌟 Unleash the Purr-fect Spa Experience for Your Feline Friend with MeowScrub Bathroom Mitts! 🌟

Introducing our Cat Bath Massage Gloves Brush, the epitome of luxury and relaxation for your beloved furball. Crafted with finesse and designed with your cat’s comfort in mind, these Soft Safety Silicone gloves redefine the grooming experience. Prepare to embark on a journey where every stroke is a symphony of pleasure for your cherished feline companion.

✨ Silky-Soft Silicone Bliss

Immerse your cat in pure delight with our premium silicone material that feels like a gentle caress. Say goodbye to abrasive brushes that cause discomfort—these gloves are tailored to pamper your cat’s sensitive skin.

✨ Gentle Massage Magic

Transform grooming into a spa-like massage session. The silicone bristles stimulate blood circulation, promoting a healthier coat and skin. Watch as your cat revels in the sensation, turning grooming time into a bonding experience filled with joy.

✨ Safety First, Always

Are you worried about scratching or injuring your furry friend during grooming? Fear not! Our MeowScrub Bathroom Mitts are designed with safety as the top priority. The soft silicone tips ensure a worry-free grooming session, making it a stress-free experience for you and your cat.

✨ Versatility at Your Fingertips

These gloves are not just for baths! Our gloves adapt to all scenarios, whether it’s shedding season or a routine grooming session. The ergonomic design fits all hand sizes, providing a comfortable and secure grip for efficient grooming.

✨ Easy Cleanup, No Fuss

Cleaning up after a grooming session can be a hassle, but not with our gloves! The silicone material repels water and hair, making it a breeze to maintain cleanliness. Rinse the gloves, and they’re ready for the next luxurious grooming session.

✨ Say Goodbye to Shedding Woes

Are you fed up with finding cat hair on every piece of furniture? Our Cat Bath Massage Gloves Brush helps minimize shedding by capturing loose fur before it has a chance to scatter. Keep your home fur-free and your cat looking dapper with each stroke.

✨ Bonding Beyond Words

Grooming is not just about keeping a healthy coat; it’s a bonding experience. Strengthen the connection with your feline friends as you indulge them in a grooming session that transcends the ordinary. Let the soothing strokes speak a language of love that only cats understand.

✨ Cat-Approved Design

We understand cats, and we know they can be finicky. That’s why our MeowScrub Bathroom Mitts are practical and feline-approved. The innovative design ensures your cat will enjoy the experience, turning grooming from a task into a cherished ritual.

Elevate your cat’s grooming routine with the Cat Bath Massage Gloves Brush—where innovation meets indulgence. Pamper your pet with the care they deserve, and watch as grooming becomes a highlight of their day. Order now and treat your cat to a world of comfort and luxury!


Bathroom Puppy Big Dog Cat Bath Massage Gloves Brush


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112 reviews for MeowScrub Bathroom Mitts: Cat Bathing Gloves

  1. M***u

    Works as described. Some bits might be a little off but it's only aesthetics. Soft to the touch.

  2. M***c

    Product as described

  3. L***l

    Top delay a bit long but content. More than to test now.

  4. F***r

    Super soft and easy to use, it helped me a lot to bathe my dog is faster like this

  5. Customer

    Very good product, very fast delivery. Dogs love it. Highly recommended store

  6. C***o

    It is of good size, neither too big nor too small. Is releasing the shampoo as you use it. The "pelitos" are very very soft, maybe a little more rigidity would do better

  7. I***a

    Thanks for your Fast Delivery

  8. C***s

    Same as the image!! Now I can only try them with my pet.

  9. D***o

    Very good! Well soft in silicone!! My pet loved it!!!

  10. V***a

    Fast arrival and very beautiful color

  11. A***k

    All according to the description.

  12. L***i

    Received Today to test on my dog

  13. Y***a

    The sponge is crushed by my mouth

  14. K***k

    First impression seems the same as the photo, but the handle is not the same, it came 10 days earlier than it said

  15. M***z

    Very good item makes cleaning easy and prevents shampoo waste

  16. Customer

    Thanks very nice and fast delivery

  17. N***B

    nice and fast shipping

  18. Customer

    Quite useful at the time of using it I feel that my dogs relax when I pass them on but the material I feel flimsy

  19. G***v

    Order not received.

  20. J***v

    haven't tried it yet, looks fine

  21. Customer

    Equal to the image, all very well.

  22. A***a

    Shield class! Mʼyak, the smell of the world, according to the rosmires super, you will blow in your hand. Recommended, came the Duge shvidko!

  23. Y***a

    Good washcloth. You can wash not only animals, but also yourself 🙂

  24. F***o

    Great product and soft

  25. D***n

    It's a hit of 2024. And the store is great-there is nothing to complain about Super!!! Well, very, very gorgeous, these cost us five times more!!! About the seller, he is really great and yes, you can safely order it worth it. Five points to the seller for fast delivery and for a quality product… If the review is useful then like it! And if you have questions, write to me personally, I am always glad to help and suggest))) all successful purchases and fast delivery… I purchased this item with the alibonus extension and have already saved $975. Alibonus extension helps save on all purchases on AliExpress. Please use my link-alibonus dot com/?u = 239557 and get up to 50 percent discount on this item. This is the biggest discount on Aliyah.

  26. V***s

    I don't use it yet, but it's as is the picture

  27. E***s

    Same as the picture came fast and well packaged store thanks

  28. Customer

    I expected it to be a more resistant material, but it is a little soft on the part of the bristles, for the price it is very good

  29. N***n


  30. M***v

    Yakiste is normal. I don't think it's even more about the faces, it doesn't blow on the vikonannya.

  31. 4***r

    All right

  32. Customer

    Absolutely amazing, great service and great delivery time for a product that traveled from China to New Zealand.

  33. O***a

    Good quality, thank you

  34. О***а

    The package arrived quickly, everything is fine, thank you.

  35. J***a

    Excellent conditions, and in less time than estimated .. Recommended.

  36. Customer

    For massage and cleaner it works well but to put the shampoo, you need a lot and it only comes out if you mix it with a little water or it is a very liquid shampoo

  37. K***s

    I think is to soft for a dog with long hair but is OK

  38. Customer

    good quality this product

  39. C***h

    Product arrived defective but I was refunded without problem

  40. J***k

    The handle on the brush does not move. Otherwise everything is as described.

  41. A***r

    Just like the picture

  42. Customer

    Very fast delivery. Very comfortable washcloth to wash the dog. I buy it for the second time. The first puppies found and tasted.

  43. N***d

    My little short coat chihuahua enjoyed having a bath and being massaged by this device, while normally bath time is not his favourite. won't be suitable for a dog with long coat and for a bigger dog I would go with a bit firmer bristle.

  44. V***y

    my mom loves and says it helps alot. fits in the hand nicely

  45. N***a

    It is the same as the image came to me super fast❤️

  46. E***e

    Exalent production,very soft and kind to the skin.My dog love it .Come very fast to Cyprus

  47. J***u

    Top!!! Arrived rather than expected

  48. Customer

    The product is as pictured, very nice brush, soft silicone bristles, no hair and dog skin, no smell, satisfied with the product. Thank you store!

  49. R***e

    Good and practical. Soft for dogs. Precision, the arm above is not removable. Delivered in advance. I recommend

  50. M***L

    Super for my dog's shower

  51. Customer

    Very good product, if it meets the characteristics.

  52. Customer


  53. G***o

    Excellent quality, was very satisfied with the product.

  54. A***o


  55. F***r

    great bath tool!! dog enjoys it!

  56. S***i

    Not try it yet

  57. M***a

    Very practical, even the dogs enjoy being carved up by one, and it covers their entire body very well, I love it

  58. D***o

    Very beautiful and comfortable product my dog loved it

  59. І***я

    The thing is cool. The Yakas of the trotopan came to the viglyad, ale is not critical.

  60. K***y

    The brush for washing our Bella is perfectly suitable

  61. Y***a

    The product is good for your name and buy) all super

  62. J***t

    Very fast delivery!

  63. A***r

    It works great but after have finished using it's best to empty back to a container as it leaks the liquid soap everywhere

  64. J***a

    Product of excellent quality, as seen in the photo.

  65. R***s

    Good product, meet!!

  66. S***r

    Our dog will love this.

  67. O***a

    I bought to wash my pug. soft .. comfortable, I advise the dog people. I took different ones, this one is the best. delivered quickly. thank you.

  68. J***y

    Soft bristles. Gentle on dogs.

  69. 0***r

    I have not received it, but they have reimbursed it without problems. I recommend the store, very professional.

  70. A***a

    Thank you very much store very comfortable brush

  71. G***i

    Love it… my dog is literally smiling wile using it

  72. A***z

    Very good quality very soft part for the puppy, I will keep buying

  73. E***s


  74. A***K

    i think itll be good but my dog hates to bathe so he ate right through the lil silicone strap already

  75. Customer

    Good, recommend!

  76. H***K

    a essayer mais je pense qu il n y aura pas de problemes

  77. T***d

    This cool, although the shampoo does not come out completely, you have to squeeze the sponge a lot but it is very useful to foam and narrow the fur of your puppy. Arrived I agreed to the description.

  78. N***n


  79. A***z

    It is a good product, you do not have to worry about hurting your dog when you bathe it the brush is soft

  80. G***a

    Exelent product, delivered before the deadline!! Thank you very much, super recommend!

  81. G***e

    As in the picture. Very good.

  82. M***a

    Seems soft for pets, it is similar to that of household cleaning

  83. M***n

    The sponge is very pleasant and soft. When filling the shampoo, everything spreads on the go (so it is better not to fill, but just use as a washcloth)

  84. A***f

    Fast delivery, convenient and good dog washing

  85. A***r

    Product consistent with the description I recommend

  86. G***e

    Came as soon as possible. The same in pic

  87. J***r

    Perfect just as described I got one for each of my Dog House

  88. D***h

    Thank you.. not tested yet but I think it will work very well

  89. T***a

    Works great

  90. Ч***а

    Goods for three years. I will tell you the vidpovid description.

  91. C***r

    Love this, makes washing my dog so easy

  92. J***r

    It's nice to touch.

  93. E***r

    The recommended product is fine

  94. D***r

    Excellent store

  95. A***r

    I did not arrive at home because of courier, but the supplier answered questions and proposed alternatives.

  96. M***a

    Haven’t used yet but looks decently

  97. L***l

    Priyshov Duye shvidko. Yakiste is good. Will Bud.

  98. Customer


  99. K***m

    I haven't used it, but it's soft, but the sole is so soft that I think it's better for my mother-in-chief than my mother-in-child. Yeah. Yeah.

  100. W***o

    Very well I used it today and I recommend it.

  101. S***l

    Take a while to arrive equals the description very satisfied

  102. M***a

    Soft silicone lint, comfortable to use

  103. I***v

    it's handy tool for my pet.

  104. K***i

    I arrive fast hopefully it works well

  105. M***a

    I really liked it and it was very fast excellent

  106. A***r

    this is a very good product for puppies

  107. J***s

    It is very soft, the items arrived early, I recommend the product❤️

  108. J***r

    Product same as picture satisfied

  109. Customer

    I haven't used it yet but it's the same as the picture

  110. A***o

    Very good

  111. M***s


  112. M***o

    Good use and practical

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