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FelineFeedPro: Automatic Cat Feeder

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🌟 Introducing the Purr-fect Solution for Feline Nutrition called FelineFeedPro: The Large Capacity Automatic Cat Food Dispenser with Drinking Water Bowl 🌟

Embark on a hassle-free journey of feline care with our revolutionary large-capacity automatic cat food dispenser. Designed with your feline friend in mind, this cutting-edge device seamlessly combines innovation, convenience, and health to elevate your cat’s dining experience. Say goodbye to mundane feeding routines and hello to a harmonious blend of technology and nutrition!

🐾 Smart and Stylish Design:

  • Crafted with sleek lines and a modern aesthetic, this dispenser effortlessly complements your home decor while serving a practical purpose.
  • The transparent food storage container lets you monitor food levels at a glance, ensuring your cat never runs out of their favorite kibble.

🌊 Wet and Dry Separation Technology:

  • Keep your cat’s wet and dry food separate, maintaining the flavor and freshness of each meal.
  • Innovative design prevents cross-contamination, ensuring your cat enjoys each bite as if it were the first.

🕰️ Time-Activated Feeding:

  • Set personalized feeding schedules for your furry friend, ensuring they receive meals consistently, even when you’re not at home.
  • Bid farewell to overfeeding or missed meals, promoting a healthier eating routine for your cat.

🥣 Large Capacity for Ultimate Convenience:

  • Ample storage space accommodates generous amounts of cat food, reducing the frequency of refills.
  • Perfect for households with multiple cats or those with a busy lifestyle.

💦 Integrated Drinking Water Bowl:

  • Hydration is vital to your cat’s well-being. Our dispenser includes a built-in water bowl to ensure your feline companion stays hydrated throughout the day.
  • Dual functionality minimizes the number of separate bowls cluttering your space, providing a neat and organized feeding area.

🔄 Easy to Clean and Maintain:

  • The detachable components make cleaning a breeze. Disassemble, clean, and reassemble for a consistently hygienic feeding environment.
  • Durable materials guarantee longevity, making this dispenser a lasting investment in your cat’s health and happiness.

🔊 Whisper-Quiet Operation:

  • Designed with a noiseless motor, this dispenser ensures a serene dining experience for your cat, even in the quietest moments.
  • No more disruptive feeding sounds—just peace and tranquility for your beloved feline companion.

🌈 Promoting Physical and Mental Well-Being:

  • Encourage your cat’s natural hunting instincts with scheduled, portion-controlled meals, preventing overeating and obesity.
  • Mental exercise is as essential as physical activity; this dispenser adds an interactive element to your cat’s day, making mealtime enjoyable.

🌐 Bonus:

  • Search no more for the perfect automatic cat food dispenser! Our FelineFeedPro, epitomizes feline convenience and care.
  • Elevate your cat’s dining experience with our innovative solution—order now for a harmonious blend of technology and nutrition!

Transform how you care for your feline companion with our Large Capacity Automatic Cat Food Dispenser. Embrace the future of cat feeding and ensure your cat receives the nutrition and love they deserve. Order now and witness the purr-fect harmony between technology and feline well-being! 🐱✨



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95 reviews for FelineFeedPro: Automatic Cat Feeder

  1. I***h

    Came three. No good pakuvanya

  2. A***z

    Perfect. Cats are delighted. Anti-roll and perfect for eating on demand. And to spend a few days outside and that the animals do not run out of food or drink

  3. V***s

    I loved it, it's just what I was looking for for my kittens 10/10☺️☺️

  4. R***o

    Good product, only you know puppy they are hyperactive, I think it need something to hold floor., only as improve but evething ok.

  5. S***o

    I arrive in perfect condition, it is prettier than I expected, it works super well.

  6. J***o

    The only bad thing that a container was broken, apparently they carried a lot of weight.

  7. А***ц

    Class feeder!

  8. L***r

    Excellent product, as shown in the pictures, arrived before the expected time.

  9. C***s

    Equal to the photo. Big, it fits enough food and water. Arrived before the stipulated date

  10. V***a

    Just perfect

  11. M***A

    Thanks for delivering.

  12. K***l

    I love me as is the image is for my cat and it also likes me

  13. M***z

    Wine before, good material

  14. C***n

    Pretty but the croquettes dispenser has a hard time getting out the croquettes, so I have to do it with my hand

  15. M***r

    fantastic my cat's love's it value for money I've just ordered another one thank you

  16. E***m

    Really handy and nice quality! Congrats

  17. J***o

    The food is too stuck with the water, the only bad thing with which food falls into the water and gets dirty

  18. 9***r

    It is very good, the only downside is I had it ke catch pink color, xq another color doubled the price, in short I am satisfied.

  19. H***R

    Excellent Product, arrived fast, good packaging, I recommend it

  20. A***i

    As described

  21. L***o


  22. R***s

    Comes very cute and wide

  23. F***a

    I arrive very quickly to Cancún Mexico in a week! It is beautiful I recommend that if you buy it my purchase

  24. A***k


  25. R***r

    Excellent size. Its very big and my cat loves it. I recommend everyone to buy this! Good packaging and Good quality. Quick shipping A+

  26. N***h

    Great product quality is actually really good

  27. O***k

    dispenser is nice) my cat like it!

  28. Customer

    I will try it againMuscovites HTO? Legal-piderasy

  29. F***g

    bad package only cardboard and thin plastic so there was a smal crack on bottom except for that every thing seems fine

  30. L***z

    I arrive fast, it is beautiful and useful.

  31. Customer

    Excellent Product I loved it arrived in very good condition

  32. J***r

    # All good, very practical

  33. M***r

    Very good productl my charm only be delayed arto

  34. E***r


  35. B***G

    Thank you

  36. M***s

    Very nice,

  37. C***r

    Thank you very much for a fast delivery, so well packed and the gift that came. Our kitten has loved it.

  38. K***o

    I liked it very much, good packaging, very nice I recommend.

  39. R***o

    Excellent Product, large capacity, both food and drink. My cat is happy.

  40. H***r

    Arrived very fast and this super nice

  41. J***C

    Considering the price is of excellent quality and seems to be quite practical!!! I recommend the store, very happy with the product, just need to see its functionality

  42. A***r

    Everything came in time and in good working order. The box was really creepily dented, as if it was carried by an Ace Ventura. but ….. I am very satisfied with the product. And the main thing is what my kids like. 10/10

  43. A***o

    It arrived well and works well

  44. Customer

    Exactly as described and good value with fast delivery.

  45. B***n

    It is suitable for both cats and small dogs, it has enough capacity for food and thanks to the water dispenser it is kept clean for longer

  46. P***t

    Received air-speak at € 2 instead of the non-comic dog meal dispenser

  47. A***r

    The product meets what the description says.

  48. M***r

    Quite well, for a big cat, good material is worth it

  49. D***a


  50. A***a

    Excellent product. Late in putting the valuation to prove it first. I love it. And my cat more, especially to go on a trip he has enough days. Do not forget that it is necessary to keep the water container clean. I only put croquette for 2 or 3 days

  51. Customer

    Great Feeder

  52. L***r

    Really very well I love conforms to the description very convenient and easy to use, by I and a water side that does not work properly but overall it will☺️

  53. 9***r

    Good purchase… Super practical

  54. I***o

    Equal to the image, a

  55. T***e

    I'm happy with my purchase and my cat will eat well

  56. A***a

    All as described!

  57. P***t

    In accordance with the image. Perfect.

  58. K***

    Like It

  59. D***O

    SUPER CUTE, my cat loves it

  60. F***f

    Convenient feeder, I recommend the store.

  61. E***N

    The product came fast, but I bought 2 Products and 1 product came. The store is not contacted. Could not get a reply

  62. B***n


  63. T***e

    Great. Very capacious.

  64. H***o

    Came for 3 Tizhnya, tsylenka and dovya mizhnya. Drawing up the Odin-Abi kits))) glory to Ukraine!

  65. P***u

    For this price, quality

  66. R***a

    Good product

  67. G***a

    Excellent, it makes it easier for me to feed my cats

  68. I***b

    The product arrived earlier than expected, exelent quality, the product is equal to what is shown, my little puppies are very happy and quickly adapted to the product, it fits enough food and the water does not get dirty very easily, for me it is an exelent product, I recommend it a lot

  69. М***с

    The slam-dam came shvidko, the product is tsiliy, everything is OK. I recommend

  70. Б***я

    Shvidko was given, I recommend Berit as a class. I'm full of work, my uncle to the stores

  71. T***a

    Very good feeding capacity, everything was well packed, all whole. Thanks to the store.

  72. V***o

    The kitty liked it 🙂

  73. S***r

    For now well, everything arrived well and I am happy, very beautiful.

  74. A***a

    Very useful, I hope the croquettes go down haha, good buy

  75. A***k

    The year-old has arrived, my daughter. I'm in the grip. Great that is a stylish cat feeder. Won pidyde, for a small dog. Plastic scent free. Turned around, more than once to the goods.

  76. N***a

    The Tavor was not provided, turned the cats

  77. E***a

    As described

  78. K***n


  79. D***r

    Very beautiful and functional the truth is very practical and the food is kept clean without a doubt something that I would buy again arrived quickly very satisfied

  80. D***i

    As described, nice, practical. 100% positive for store

  81. Customer

    Nice nice

  82. Customer

    nothing wrong with the item itself, it’s perfect and exactly what i ordered!! but the package was pretty bad and came tore up and open :/

  83. L***a

    Product as per description. High quality packing.

  84. M***m

    Arrived before the deadline, the same as the announcement, I loved it.

  85. S***d


  86. E***n

    Wow real top

  87. B***a

    The container is OK, but unfortunately it reached me polamany

  88. E***h

    The feeder is wonderful, it came ahead of schedule. The packaging is not damaged, the quality is very good, roomy. Cats liked it)) I recommend it.

  89. Customer

    Very useful and cats have accepted it very well, a way to have everything more orderly

  90. A***t

    Good quality, cheap I am happy

  91. J***r

    I like it and my dog too

  92. J***a

    good service

  93. L***o

    Very good product and excellent price

  94. N***o

    Identical to the image

  95. J***r

    Received very quickly and was happy with my purchase. However I discovered that the water bottle that comes with it is not dishwasher compatible. It melted.

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