How to get cat hair out of blankets? Dealing with cat hair on your blankets is a common issue for cat owners. 

Luckily, several effective methods exist to remove cat hair and keep your blankets clean and cozy. Here’s how to do it:

Lint Roller or Tape

  • Lint rollers and packing tape are convenient tools for removing cat hair. Consider keeping one near your cat’s favorite spots to address hair buildup quickly.
  • Roll or press the tape firmly onto the blanket’s surface, paying extra attention to areas with heavy hair accumulation.
  • Dispose of used tape or sheets in the trash to prevent recontamination.

Damp Rubber Gloves

  • Damp rubber gloves can be more effective than dry ones for collecting cat hair because the moisture helps clump the hair together.
  • As you run your gloved hands over the blanket, squeeze the hair into larger clumps for easy removal.
  • Wash the gloves afterward to prevent hair transfer.

Velvet or Rubber Broom

  • A rubber or velvet broom with soft bristles suits more oversized blankets or furniture upholstery.
  • Gently sweep the broom over the blanket’s surface, applying light force to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • Gather the clumps of cat hair with your hands or a dustpan for disposal.

Brush or Comb

  • Use a pet hair brush or a fine-toothed comb on blankets made of sturdier fabric.
  • Meeting or comb in the direction of the fabric’s weave to avoid damaging it.
  • Consider using a fabric or upholstery brush designed for this purpose.

Vacuum Cleaner with Upholstery Attachment

  • Ensure your vacuum cleaner has a clean filter and an upholstery attachment.
  • Make slow and deliberate passes over the blanket’s surface, overlapping each pass to capture all the loose hair.
  • Empty the vacuum’s canister or change the bag to maintain suction power.

Dryer Sheets

  • Dryer sheets not only help in removing cat hair but also impart a pleasant scent to your blankets.
  • Keep a box of dryer sheets near your blankets for easy access whenever hair removal is required.

Washing Machine

  • Before washing, shake the blanket vigorously outdoors to remove loose hair.
  • Use a couple of dryer sheets in the wash to reduce static cling and attract hair.
  • Then, it would help if you cleaned the lint trapped in your dryer to prevent hair from transferring to other laundry items.

Pet Hair Remover Products

  • Pet hair remover products, such as sprays and brushes, are designed to enhance hair removal from various surfaces.
  • Follow the product’s instructions for the specific product you choose.

Regular Washing and Maintenance

  • Establish a routine for washing your blankets to prevent heavy cat hair buildup.
  • Using softener or dryer sheets in the laundry can reduce static cling and make future hair removal easier.

Cat Bed or Blanket

  • Provide your cat with their designated blanket or bed to minimize hair spread to your blankets.
  • Encourage your cat to use their designated space by placing treats or toys.

Rubber Squeegee

  • A rubber squeegee, typically used for cleaning windows or shower tiles, can be surprisingly effective at removing cat hair from blankets.
  • Run the rubber squeegee over the blanket’s surface in one direction, and the hair will join together.
  • Collect the clumps of hair with your hands or a lint roller for disposal.

Static Electricity

  • Take advantage of static electricity to attract and collect cat hair. One way to do this is by lightly misting the blanket with water from a spray bottle.
  • Use a softener or dryer sheet to wipe down the dampened surface. The moisture enhances static cling, making it easier to pick up hair.
  • Afterward, allow the blanket to air dry or use a fan to speed up the drying process.

Reusable Pet Hair Remover

  • Consider buying a reusable pet hair remover tool designed for fabric surfaces.
  • These tools often have a sticky feeling or bristles that efficiently collect and remove cat hair.
  • After using the device, clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions so it’s ready for the next hair removal round.

Conclusion: How to get cat hair out of blankets

With patience and thorough cleaning, you can effectively remove cat urine from concrete and eliminate stains and odors. Remember that consistency in cleaning and addressing the cause of inappropriate urination is essential for long-term success.